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These portraits are examples of ones I have carried out and am able to show. The two colour oil paintings are small 5x7 paintings. The composition is as shown, a very tight crop. I find this creates a very intimate piece. When framed the subject looks to me like they are peeking into the world though the window of the frame.

The black and white examples are not small paintings at all. They are large collaged charcoal and chalk works. I use torn pieces of watercolour paper collaged layer upon layer along with charcoal and compressed chalk to create highly textured drawings. Once again my clay sculpting acts as a catalyst for my mark making. Pieces of layered clay are replaced by pieces of water colour paper in ways of working that go hand in glove with each other.

I very much enjoy the process of making these works with my clients. I spend all the time we need getting to know my clients and in getting the reference material correct before work starts. 

I would be very happy to talk to you should you wish to discuss a commission.

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